• Getting to Know Me

    How does a person figure out who they are and what they want to do with their life? How does anyone ever narrow the hundreds of jobs available down to just the one they would like to go for?

    This course will help you learn more about yourself so that you can work out the types of work you're most likely to be successful in, and the kinds of jobs that would be rewarding to you and fit into your life the best. Each of the three sections introduces a different topic – you can read about each topic here, then select one to get started. Once you're in the section, use the numbers along the bottom of your screen to move through its pages.

    • Multiple Intelligences

      Everyone is smart in their own way, and has different kinds of intelligences. This section will help you recognise and understand the ways that you learn more easily.

      Have you noticed that some people learn best by watching demonstrations and others learn best by reading manuals? Or that some people love to paint in their free time and others would rather play sports?

      We all like to learn in different ways. Your personal preference about how you like to learn is your 'learning style'. This idea of there being many different ways to learn is called 'multiple intelligences'.

      What you are good at and how you like to spend your time is related to which types of intelligence are strongest for you. The intelligence types are different to each other, but no type is any better or worse – they're just different.

      In this section you will be:

      • discovering the different types of intelligence
      • deciding which ones are strongest in you
      • figuring out your preferred learning styles
      • discovering which jobs will suit you
      • meeting some characters who have a similar intelligence to yours.

    • Emotional Intelligence

      The ability to understand and manage your emotions and relate to others positively is called 'emotional intelligence'. This section will help you understand more about emotional intelligence.

      Emotional intelligence (EI) is something that takes practice to develop but the better you know your own EI, the easier it will be to develop it. Emotional intelligence is like a secret weapon for success – it can:

      • allow you to successfully manage yourself and your relationships
      • help reduce stress in yourself and others by having less conflict
      • develop better relationships
      • increase understanding and improve communication.

      By developing your emotional intelligence you will become more productive and successful at what you do, and you'll be able to help others be more productive and successful too.

      In this section you will be:

      • discovering the different aspects of emotional intelligence
      • learning about recognising and managing emotions
      • thinking about your own emotions and other people's emotions
      • meeting some characters whose emotional intelligence helps them to achieve their ultimate goals.
    • Career Planning

      Career planning assists you to think through what kind of job you want, and plan how to get it. This section contains information about how to make a career plan and templates to help you get started.

      Just as there are many types of intelligence, there are many types of career plan. You need to choose one that makes sense to you personally. You might want to record yours as a video, or start a diary of key words and sketches. Perhaps you want to discuss all the parts with friends or maybe you already know exactly what you want to include.

      In this section you will be:

      • discovering what to include in a career plan
      • finding out what types of jobs suit your learning style
      • thinking about which types of jobs would suit you right now and later on
      • identifying skills you have now and will need later
      • recognising which obstacles you might have to overcome
      • looking at where you will find support during your career journey.

      You will be doing some activities to guide you in starting to create your career plan. You can complete and print the activities as you go, or add the details to your own personal career plan in whatever form suits you.