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SIS20115 - Certificate II in Sport and Recreation

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This qualification allows individuals to develop basic functional knowledge and skills for work in customer contact positions in the sport or community recreation industry. These individuals are competent in a range of administrative activities and functions within a team and under supervision. They are involved in mainly routine and repetitive tasks using practical skills and basic sport and recreation industry knowledge.

They work in locations such as sport and recreation centres or facilities, and leisure and aquatic centres assisting with the conduct of recreation activities, and facility maintenance and operations.

Possible job outcomes include:

  • community activities assistant
  • customer service assistant
  • leisure assistant
  • recreation assistant
  • retail assistant
  • grounds assistant
  • facility assistant.

Pathways from this qualification include studying any of the following qualifications:

  • SIS20513 - Certificate II in Sport Coaching
  • SIS30115 - Certificate III in Sport & Recreation

This qualification is made up of 13 units, 8 core and 5 electives.


BSBWOR202 - Organise and complete daily work activities (15)

HLTAID003 - Provide first aid (20)

HLTWHS001 - Participate in workplace health and safety (30)

SISXCAI002 - Assist with activity sessions (15)

SISXCCS001 - Provide quality service (10)

SISXEMR001 - Respond to emergency situations (15)

SISXIND001 - Work effectively in sport, fitness and recreation environments (40)

SISXIND002 - Maintain sport, fitness and recreation industry knowledge (20)

5 Elective units.
YMCA recommends selecting your elective units from the list of units below:

2 units must come from the follow units:

SISXCAI001 - Provide equipment for activities (10)

SISXFAC001 - Maintain equipment for activities (15)

SISCAQU002 - Perform basic water rescues (15) 

BSBSUS201 - Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices (10)

BSBWOR201 - Manage personal stress in the workplace (40)

FSKDIG03 - Use digital technology for routine workplace tasks (15)

FSKLRG09 - Use strategies to respond to routine workplace problems (15)

FSKLRG11 - Use routine strategies for work related learning (10)

The remaining units may be selected from the following list:

General Units

SISSSCO101 - Develop and update knowledge of coaching practices (20)

SISSSCO202 - Coach beginner or novice participants to develop fundamental motor skills (30) *Pre-Requisite SISSSCO101

SISSSDE201 - Communicate effectively with others in a sport environment (15)

SISSSOF101 - Develop and update officiating knowledge (15)

SISSSOF202 - Officiate games or competitions (60)  *Pre-Requisite SISSSOF101

SISSSPT201A- Implement sports injury prevention (10)

SISSCOP201A - Prepare a pre or post event meal (20)

SISSSPT303A - Conduct basic warm-up and cool-down programs (10)

SISSSTC301A - Instruct strength and conditioning techniques (60)

SISXCAI003 - Conduct non-instructional sport, fitness or recreation sessions (60)

SISXCAI004 - Plan and conduct programs (50)

SISXRSK301A - Undertake risk analysis of activities (15)

Sport Specific

SISSAFL201A - Perform the intermediate skills of Australian Football          (20)      

SISSAFL202A - Perform the intermediate tactics of Australian Football (15)

SISSATH201A - Teach the fundamental skills of athletics (45)

SISSBSB201A - Teach fundamental basketball skills (40)

SISSBSB202A - Teach fundamental basketball tactics and game strategy (40)

SISSBSB205 - Interpret and apply rules of basketball (30)

SISSCKT201A - Perform the intermediate skills of cricket (30)

SISSCKT202A - Perform the intermediate tactics and strategies of cricket (30)

SISSGYN201A - Teach fundamental gymnastics skills (40)

SISSNTB201A - Use intermediate level netball skills (30)   

SISSNTB202A - Use intermediate level tactics and game strategy in netball play (30)

SISSNTB203A - Participate in conditioning for netball (20)

SISSNTB204A - Teach foundation netball skills (30)

SISSTOU201A - Perform the intermediate skills of Touch  (30)

SISSTOU202A - Perform the intermediate tactics and strategies of Touch (30)

Outdoor Recreation

SISOABA201A - Demonstrate abseiling skills on artificial surfaces (20)

SISOABN201A - Demonstrate abseiling skills on natural surfaces (20)

SISOABN202A - Safe guard an abseiler using a single rope belay system (15)

SISOABN304A - Establish ropes for single pitch abseil on natural surface (15)

SISOCLA201A - Demonstrate top rope climbing skills on artificial surfaces (15)

SISOVTR301A - Perform vertical rescues (20)

SISOBWG201A - Demonstrate bushwalking skills in a controlled environment (15)

SISOCNE201A - Demonstrate simple canoeing skills (25)

SISOCNE202A - Perform deep water rescues (20)

SISOKYK201A - Demonstrate simple kayaking skills (25)

SISOFSH201A - Catch & handle fish (20)

SISOCYT201A - Select, set up and maintain a bike (20)

SISOCYT202A - Demonstrate basic cycling skills (30)

SISOMBK201A - Demonstrate basic off-road cycling skills (20)  *Pre-Requisite SISOCYT202A

SISONAV201A - Demonstrate navigation skills in a controlled environment (20)

SISOODR201A - Assist in conducting outdoor recreation sessions (20)

SISOOPS201A - Minimise environmental impact (20)

SISOOPS202A - Use and maintain a temporary or overnight site (20)

SISOOPS306A - Interpret weather conditions in the field (30)

SISOSNK201A - Demonstrate snorkelling activities (20)

SISOSRF201A - Demonstrate surf survival and self rescue skills (20)

SISOSRF202A - Demonstrate basic surfing manoeuvres in controlled conditions (20)

The Units’ Nominal Hours are listed at the end of the unit name in brackets.