Vocational Education and Training in Schools

ICT20115 - Certificate II in Information, Digital Media and Technology

This entry level qualification provides the foundation skills and knowledge to use information and communications technology (ICT) in any industry.

Pathways from this qualification include studying any of the following qualifications:

  • ICT30115 - Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology
  • a selection of other ICT certifications at the Certificate III level

This qualification is made up of 14 units, 7 core and 7 electives.


BSBWHS201 - Contribute to health and safety of self and others (15)

BSBSUS201 - Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices (10)

ICTICT201 - Use computer operating systems and hardware (10)

ICTICT202 - Work and communicate effectively in an ICT environment (30)

ICTICT203 - Operate application software packages (60)

ICTICT204 - Operate a digital media technology package (40)

ICTWEB201 - Use social media tools for collaboration and engagement (20)

7 Elective units.
YMCA recommends selecting your elective units from the list of units below:

ICTICT205 - Design basic organisational documents using computing packages (40)

ICTICT206 - Install software applications (15)

ICTICT207 - Integrate commercial computing packages (25)

ICTSAS203 - Connect hardware peripherals (25)

ICTSAS206 - Detect and protect from spam and destructive software (10)

CUADIG201 - Maintain interactive content (30)

ICPDMT321 - Capture a digital image (30)

ICTICT210 - Operate database applications (35)

ICTICT209 - Interact with ICT clients (20)

ICTSAS204 - Record client support requirements (15)

ICTSAS209 - Connect and use a home based local wireless network (30)

ICPDMT263 - Access and use the internet (20)

The Units’ Nominal Hours are listed at the end of the unit name in brackets